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How to Remove AVG Antivirus From Your PC?

AVG antivirus is among the most recent computer viruses making a buzz among PC users. It is, in reality, a rogue antivirus program - Rogue. WinWebSect which prides itself as a valid safety program and induces the user to believe that malware has been found on the PC. Believing its version when you attempt to eliminate the infections, AVG Antivirus informs you to first purchase the entire version of the security program if you would like to clean your PC from the so-known infections.

Once installed on your PC successfully, AVG activates will continue showing fake security alarms to select the user into thinking that the PC was infected and the data stored therein was compromised. The user begins believing that a severe safety issue has occurred and it needs to be removed at once to restore the PC to a regular working condition.


AVG antivirus key can disable important Windows system utilities such as Windows Task Manager and Registry Editor. Additionally, it stops you from running security programs that can get rid of the infections. It's a scam and you have to eliminate it instantly as soon as you affirm its existence on your computer.


You have to apply these tips in the ideal order to successfully get rid of the malware from your PC.


Find below the guidelines for eliminating AVG Antivirus Professional rogue antivirus program:


Step - 1


First of all remove all the storage disks like floppy, CDs and DVDs in the PC and restart the PC. Press and hold the F8 key while your computer restarts. Bear in mind, you have to press the F8 key before the Windows startup logo appears on the monitor.


Once you reach the Advanced Boot Options display, you have to highlight the'Safe Mode with Media' option by using the arrow keys and then press ENTER.


Step - 2


Nowadays you need to terminate all the malicious processes linked with AVG activation key. This is vital since it makes it possible to move to another step of cleaning the PC without becoming annoyed by any malware or any other malicious application. It's possible to use RKill security application to perform this action. Using this instrument you will be able to stop all the AVG Antivirus Professional running procedures without deleting any important files. Remember not to reboot your PC once you run this app otherwise all the malware procedures will begin again.


Step - 3


Download activation code for avg free for removing antivirus for your pc. Once you start the setup of AVG after downloading it from the web, you want to follow the prompts which you get to proceed with the installation process. You shouldn't make any alteration to the default setting of this app and allow the installation finished with no changes. Once it's done assess the Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware boxes before leaving and then finally click on the finish' button. Now go to the Scanner tab and then select'Perform quick scan' to start the quick scanning of your PC. Once you click the scanning button, then the Malwarebytes antimalware will start scanning your system to find out any AVASoft Antivirus Professional malicious documents or programs available on the computer. Once the scanning process is over, click on show Result. 'Now you will have the ability to see all the malware infections that the application has detected during scanning. Check carefully that what has been ticked and then click on the Remove Selected' button. Now restart the machine in normal mode and again launch the Avg antivirus activation key to establish a full system scan to make certain no remnants of this malicious software have been left on the PC.


But always make sure you protect your PC with a highly effective and updated antivirus program coupled with a two-way antivirus. By safeguarding your PC with these safety programs you'll be able to avert 90% of the online threats.