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How to download software safely

There are surprises worse than discovering that it has a virus. You are confronted.

Download Policy
The first rule of safe download would be to pay attention to the websites you visit: the old saw "if it seems too beautiful to be true," she also uses from the computer world. The best solution would be to go a step further if you can't think of your happiness in finding the record you want for free! If you're lucky, it's best to stop and think.


People often have problems downloading songs because hackers and virus writers understand the popularity of downloading music. What is the better purpose for them? There are plenty of opportunities to perform certain actions.


Security 101
One of the fastest ways to protect is to immediately scan the downloaded document for malware and viruses. Usually you can just click on a document, for example several alternatives

"Scan with McAfee Antivirus" And redeem mcafee product key
"Comodo Antivirus"
"Scan with Bytes Anti-Malware" or
"Scan with Spybot-Search & Destroy."
If you open yourself to many problems and despair. Go to a place like, search for the "ani" virus and download several of the many completely free antivirus applications available, such as Avast, AVG, Threatfire etc. They are simple and quick to rank thanks to cover programs as far as protecting you and configure.

Some protected places
When you're looking for a particular type of application or application, it's worth visiting one of these trusted, analyzed download sites, such as, and

There are many other secure sites, if Google finds them simple enough. The two best bets are if you are looking for a source substance. Each of these sites confirms tested documents that are downloaded for malware and viruses.


If you pay attention and watch out for offers that seem too good to be true and a bit cynical, you can enjoy hours of using and downloading applications that are free.

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