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Solved: Fix error code "0xc00000e9" in Windows 8 and 10

The error code "0xc00000e9" is related to the drive. Windows reports this error when trying to perform I / O (read / write) operations on the disk. This error indicates that the computer is reporting an error when you try to get it and is unable to communicate with the hard drive.

Error code 0xc00000e9 is caused by problems with the BIOS / firmware of the computer or caused by the file system, corrupt or outdated device drivers, connecting cables, corrupted Windows files.



Fixing the error code "0xc00000e9"
To correct the error code 0xc00000e9, you can perform the troubleshooting methods and the following tests:

Update device drivers
The case applies to all disks that are outdated or damaged. Device drivers can get corrupted or corrupted due to reasons like malware or virus disease. You can reinstall or update the hard drive drivers to fix the problem. Driver updates can be downloaded from the official website of the hard drive manufacturer. After downloading, follow these steps to update or reinstall the disk driver:

Switch to a Windows PC
Press 'Windows + X' then click 'Computer Management'
Click on 'Device Manager' then zoom in on 'Disk Drives'
Right-click the damaged disk and select "Properties"
Go to the `` Driver '' tab and pay attention to the driver variant
Go to your hard drive manufacturer's website and check for an update
Download it then click on `` Update Driver ''
Click "Check my computer for driver applications" and select the downloaded drivers
Reinstall the hard drive walkers

If there is no update available, click on `` Uninstall device ''
Click "Uninstall" again if prompted
Then restart your device when prompted
During restart, the disk drivers are automatically installed by Windows. Try an action on the disk to see if the error persists.

Run Check Disk Scan
The Check Disk utility (CHKDSK) scans the hard disk for disk errors, bad companies, and document system errors. It tries to fix errors and repairs bad sectors that damage the disk.

To run a chkdsk scan on an affected hard drive, follow these steps:

Open a command prompt as administrator
Form the following command followed by the "Enter" key
chkdsk / f / r X:
Where X is your drive
Wait for the scan to complete. Then restart the machine
Try to paste or copy the document. If the error code still shows up, go to the troubleshooting method.

Run an SFC scan
System File Checker (SFC) is a built-in Microsoft Windows tool that can scan for and replace corrupted or damaged critical Windows files that can cause many problems, such as the error code "0xc00000e9".

You can run an SFC scan from the command line by following these measures:

Run a follow-up prompt as secretary
Sort sfc / scannow
Press the 'Enter' key and wait for the scan to complete
When the tool finds a corrupted or damaged system file after scanning, it may ask you to add a Windows installation disc
The tool uses the installation disk to replace the corrupted file if it is not in the cached copy location (% WinDir% \ System32 \ dllcache)

Verify the SATA link
Check if the SATA connecting cable is broken that carries the signals. On notebooks, remove the drive and inspect the laptop and hard drive motherboard connectors for damage or dust.

Reconnect the drive and, if necessary, replace the SATA cable to the computer. Turn on the computer and check if the error persists.

Reset the BIOS
The BIOS is firmware that facilitates the relationship between the system hardware and the system. Due to changing the BIOS configuration settings, you may encounter error code 0xc00000e9.

To find out if the problem is caused by the BIOS, reset the BIOS settings. By pressing the key You can enter the BIOS. You can remove the CMOS battery to reset the BIOS settings.

Take advantage of data recovery software
Since you are unable to fix the error code '0xc00000e9' or copy files from disk, a trusted data recovery tool such as Stellar Data Recovery- Standard for Windows is the only alternative that can allow you to back up inaccessible information and repair disc.

You can track your driveway and the actions given below to restore information that is currently showing the error code '0xc00000e9':

Download Stellar Data Recovery- Standard for Windows
Install the application on a healthy partition or use an external drive
Launch the application
Click "All Data" then click "Next"
Select the damaged hard drive recorded in the "Connected Personnel" segment
Turn on the toggle button that appears in the lower left corner
Click on `` Scan '' and wait for the scan to complete. Scanning takes a while, so sit back and relax!

After scanning, documents are registered in the left pane "Tree View"
Click "File Type" to sort the documents by type
Select all the important data you want to recover
After making your selection, click on "Recover".
Click "Browse" and select a place on the external drive (recommended)
Use advanced settings to compress the recorded information as it helps to save data from a shorter distance
Click `` Start Saving '' then wait for Stellar Data Recovery for Windows to save the downloaded information to the desired location
After saving the data, format the disk partition with the Windows installation disk or USB drive and reinstall the Windows operating system
At this stage, you have repaired without losing the data you provided. Transfer the information after installing Windows as it was before the situation and use the computer.

The error code `` 0xc00000e9 '' can be avoided by checking the condition of the hard drive with readily available tools such as CHKDSK and S.M.A.R.T. disk tracking system. Since copies are useful, always keep a copy of your body.

When a backup becomes unavailable or obsolete, you can use Stellar Data Recovery - Standard for Windows to restore data from a damaged or damaged hard drive that is inaccessible due to fault code "0xc00000e9".

The program enables safe and quick restoration of information on the disk, i.e. these. Overwrite it and transfer the recovered data to format the drive.