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Norton Online Backup Review: What Norton Can Do for You

Norton Online Backup Review: What Norton Can Do for You



Norton on the Web backup comes out of Symantec, a trusted firm from the antivirus software market. It really is Symantec's offering into the cloud storage market. With various features, however lacking plan selection, norton com/setup might or might not be the ideal service to fulfil your requirements. This Norton on the web backup review can assist you to produce the last choice. Features


This backup service provides scheduled and automatic copies. Norton's service delivers easy installation and user-friendly interface. You merely need to put in a little application of 2MB and you're ready to start. The greatest portion of this installation and maintenance procedure occurs throughout the internet interface. This really is an integral feature as it is possible to get your data from any personal computer with online access.


Inside the area of customer service, This Internet backup service Level of safety, the easy-to-use World Wide Web port and also the power to copy more than 1 computer. But, Norton has been lacking several important features, for example, file syncing. Consequently, should you make changes to some document and get this document from the other computer too soon, you won't observe the alterations.


Additionally, you won’t find features like people document sharing, cell phone access, or sub-accounts here. The deficiency of cellular access can be a certain drawback because smart-phone usage is to the upswing and individuals prefer to access their personal data anywhere, anytime, from any other device.

The cost isn't precisely the best available on the marketplace with no monthly selections available; Norton absolutely needs some work from the subscription plan section. Storage and prices


Norton will not give you lots of options in Terms of Pricing plans. During the writing, the agency offers just a single plan -- 25GB of storage for about $49.99annually, without a payment strategy. Is Norton Online-backup the Ideal Choice for You?


Norton on the Web backup is targeted toward the typical home user who simply needs a dependable spot to store files. The pricing will be high for just 25GB of distance, however, when your budget will withstand the impact; Norton's agency is backed with a favourite firm.

Symantec is just a respectable supplier with a history of earning clients happy, and therefore you don't need to be concerned about still another fledgling business which is going to go under as fast because it surfaced.


Nevertheless, that Symantec doesn't deal exclusively in Online backup services may indicate they won't devote too long plus Awareness of making developments. The final choice Is Dependent upon your backup Requirements Health Fitness Articles, your financial plan and your dedication into the name.