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How to Buy McAfee Antivirus Software Online

Before we start with the how-to procedure, let us know why we feel the need of purchasing not just McAfee antivirus software but whatever else online. The internet is your foremost, crucial, and on-the-go part of our lives. We essentially save a great deal of time making online trades for utility bill payments, purchasing, and banking/credit card payments etc. other than the typical items such as emailing, surfing, social media, advertisements, and business along with other functions.

The world wide web has provided us the anytime, anyplace freedom. We need not be physically presented in a shopping complex, a computer repair centre, a computer retail store, or even a municipal government office to ask about something, purchase, or transact with them. We can simply do it by visiting their website. We can necessarily utilize that time to do other multiple jobs that require equal attention.


So you can understand how important and crucial time-saving is, at least for time-bound things of our life. You also as a customer, professional, or businessman might have deadlines to meet for which, you of course need to save or quite steal time from other tasks. Buying an antivirus on the internet is one among those tasks that spare one time to get other time-bound ones and help you save money also that would necessarily be spent going to a computer retail shop.


You may purchase McAfee antivirus from the official McAfee site or even a McAfee-authorized one. Whenever, you opt to get McAfee protection in your computer, Google out your alternatives. There are online McAfee antivirus providers like the official McAfee site,, and CNET etc.. Also you can activate your software subscription easily on any of the above given websites by simply using as a code when asked to enter. Stop by any website and look for your McAfee antivirus product.


Review the features and system requirements of your McAfee antivirus protection if you want to check the price too to see whether it fits into your pocket or not. When completed, click the Purchase Now button and fill in the necessary details like email address and also the mode of payment as well. When the transaction has finished, note down your order details (if there are any) such as the number of licenses and merchandise key set. In another tab of your browser, start your email accounts and check if you have received a download link or not.


If there is one in your inbox, click to start the email and then click the download link. Take a printout of the guide and set of instructions as well to avoid making errors during the installation procedure. Thereafter, navigate into the directory in which the file is saved and open it from that point. You will be greeted by the McAfee antivirus setup wizard. Click the Next button and then follow rest of the onscreen instructions.


When the computer has rebooted, you'll find a McAfee antivirus icon on your Desktop. If you do not see it on Desktop, click on the Start menu and go to Programs (Windows 7/Vista) or All Programs (Windows XP). You will find McAfee anti virus there. Right-click on the program and create a shortcut icon on Desktop and you are finished. Open the app, update it, then launch a full virus scan in the event that you truly must scan your computer for diseases.


If you purchased more than 1 user license for McAfee Antivirus, install it on your other computer too. Follow the identical procedure and finish the installation. If at any moment you face trouble which you cannot fix yourself, call online McAfee service or McAfee technical assistance and get it fixed.

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