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How you can check an undesirable application through Norton


Norton Power Eraser is a tool which helps you to protect your computer from virus. Available via this virus removal tool isn't difficult to download and install on your own device. You are able to scan all of your folders, files, applications, and software by conducting a scan. Please note this application is compatible only.

You might conduct Norton Power Eraser is scanned in by an application that is undesirable. For its Potentially Unwanted Program, which can be called PUP, the safety program will look up for this. In addition, in addition, it checks Potentially Negative Software out. Let us have a short overview of what PUP is before you move to the steps for conducting a scan.

Potentially Unwanted Software or A PUP or Program is an app that has downloaded when you try to download software or program. This program could consist of Trojans, spyware, and viruses. Applications leave your PC vulnerable to the cyber offenders and can create security holes. Check out the process to start the scan for this app:

  1. Access Norton Power Eraser in the official site of Norton
  2. As soon as you download the Norton installation, do the following:
    • Run- In the event of Internet Explorer
    • Double-click the downloaded installation file- In the event of Mozilla Firefox or Safari
    • Click on the downloaded installation file- In the event of Google Chrome
  3. Currently, hit Yes Continue User Control Window
  4. Proceed through the license agreement
  5. Strike Accept
  6. You may now see Norton Power Eraser window
  7. Inside this window, pick the Unwanted Program Scan icon
    • Following the scan finishes, you may observe the results in Side Effects Apps Scan Total Window
    • But in case you there is not any undesirable software on your pc then the scanning results will show “No Risks Located"
    • Return back
    • On the opposite, in the event the results exhibited any undesirable software then click Uninstall
  8. Now follow the onscreen instructions to complete UN-installation
  9. Restart your apparatus and it is a good idea to go.