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The Best Online Family Protection Suite for Computers and Phones


Do not allow your children to be exposed to some harmful items online. You never understand what they might find. One approach to prevent them from seeing is to use Norton Family Parental Control. Symantec has supplied the best PC security products to commercial users and home users. The Norton product line includes Family Premier, which operates not only on computers, but also on phones and tablets.


The installation procedure is simple and simplified, and the element works well with any operating system, such as Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 / 8.1, 10 and 10), Android (4 and later), along with iOS (9 or later). The qualities of Norton Family's functions are controlled by an intuitive dashboard.


The Time Monitoring attribute allows you to control how much time your children spend on devices and their PCs. It helps by restricting the amount of daily hours that cultivate habits that could be devoted to each device. With immediate blockage, it is possible to help them suffer fractures. Enter the PIN to unlock the device. However, during the blocking style, parents and children can contact each other.


It could be redeemed with Norton Family Parental Control: text message websites, web browsing and much more. Since you probably won't have enough time to review everything, you can still have a general idea about what kind of items your children are consuming, because everything is classified in broad genres such as "Shopping", "Gambling", "Online Chat" , "News", "Adult content", etc. The form allows you to have a notion about what you are around without really knowing what it is. It allows children to maintain some privacy.


More Norton Family Parental Control skills


Location Monitoring keeps you informed about where they are, as a result of the tools that help you map the location of the Android or iOS device. A story is showing where they have been. The place tracker can be used in Android and iOS variations of Norton Family.


When entering the avatar or profile picture, the year of birth, sex and a title, create a profile for each child. By configuring a first configuration, depending on the information you specify, Norton com setup simplifies things and can alter preferences.


This is an overview of Norton Family Parental Control. There are many functions, such as social network monitoring, video monitoring and mobile application monitoring.


There are Norton discounts, there are free trials available, and they are some of the best. There are a number of discounts and promotional codes for products that are diverse. Be sure to use any Norton Family Parental Control voucher you find to help you save money.