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How to select the best antivirus for your device?

Antivirus is a crucial software program for every device; it protects your device from various unwanted threats. Today, large numbers of antivirus programs are available in the market which provides numerous features and services for protection. You can choose the antivirus program which should protect your device from all malware and all other kinds of threats. You may see lots of other features which you may not require then why pay for them? Check your device requirement and then start picking the best antivirus program for your system.



Check the system compatibility

Every software program has some sort of system requirement. Check your device and then make a list of compatible antivirus programs and then check the features provided by those antivirus programs.


Freeware or paid antivirus

Many antivirus vendors offer freeware antivirus which usually has fewer numbers of features. If you do not access the internet and use your device for performing simple jobs then using freeware is not a bad choice. But if you access your device from accessing the internet and other vital jobs then you must go for paid version because you will require advanced protection.


Malware protection

Malware protection is the basic and most important feature you should check. Your antivirus should protect from viruses, ransomware, bots, spyware, Trojans, adware, spam, worms and all other kinds of malware. The malware detection and removal rate should be high along with good real-time scanning rate.


Protection from Internet threats

Today, internet security becomes only of the major concerns for business as well as a personal user. Norton.Com/Setup antivirus provides you security from phishing, data breaching, intruding, etc. It should secure the network and prevent all unauthenticated access.


Automatic updates

Updates are necessary for every software program whether it is OS, system software, or application software. If we talk about antivirus; regular updates is very necessary. Outdated software can become a door to various malicious threats. If the antivirus program gets outdated then you may have to face some dangerous threats. As you know, new threats are arising day by day so regular antivirus updates are necessary to prevent any kind of harm. With automatic update; you don't have to check for the new update. Your antivirus will automatically get updated whenever a new update arrives.


Firewall protection

Your antivirus should provide you a personal firewall. The firewall monitors the whole incoming and outgoing traffic of the network. If the firewall suspects any mischievous behavior; it quickly blocks the traffic and prevents any kind of inappropriate activities. Your OS also provides you inbuilt firewall but the threats are becoming more and more dangerous hence personal firewall is necessary to provide an extra layer of protection.



VPN or Virtual Private Network is the best tool for securing your network while working on public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is usually unsecured and various unreliable devices are connected to it. With Norton Product Key VPN, you can securely transfer the data; your data will be encrypted and will be sent via a secure channel to the server.


Some other features you should check while buying antivirus are parental control, performance rate, system impact, etc.