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Tips to keep sensitive data safe


The very thing to fight against any kind of loss is prevention. Using preventive measures, you can secure your device as well as your sensitive data. If your sensitive data get compromised then you may have to face huge trouble. If you are using or storing some kind of crucial data then it's your responsibility to keep it safe.


Here we have mentioned few tips which can help to keep your sensitive data secure:


Use strong password

You always keep your important documents password protected but are you sure that your password is strong enough to keep your data secure from any kind of intruding. Create a password which should be long and unique enough that nobody can guess it easily.  You can use 3-4 different words which are not related to each other and some numbers and special characters for creating a password like 2LionhateNancyhouse88! Always use a unique password for your every account so even one account gets hacked; you don't have to compromise with other accounts. People often have issues while remembering unique passwords. A password manager can troubleshoot this problem. You can create unique passwords and store them securely with the help of a Norton Com/Setup password manager.


Get back up of your data

Creating a backup of your crucial data will help you prevent data loss. Even if your original data get corrupted, you can get it with your backup. Cloud is an excellent place for backup; you can retrieve your data from anywhere on any device. If you want to store your data offline then external HDD and flash drives can be helpful.


Share your data only with secured devices

Do not share your data on a public network. Hackers can easily steal your data on a public network. You should not use public Wi-Fi for anything, especially for banking. If you are using unsecured network then make sure your all data sharing options are closed.


Install security software on your device

Security software such as anti-malware provides a huge range of features and services which gives all-around protection. Antivirus is like a protection wall against harmful viruses, spyware, bots, and various other threats. Without antivirus, your device is prone to attack. Enter Norton Product Key in your device so you can easily surf the internet without any kind of trouble.


Encrypt your data

Encrypting the data is one of the best preventive measures against data theft. If your data gets stolen; the hacker can't read the data until he gets the decryption key. For secure transfer, you can use a VPN; it encrypts the data and then sends it via a secure tunnel to the server. You can also use VPN for hiding your IP address.


There are times when you have to transfer your data from one device to another. At that time, after full transfer; use data shredder to remove the data. When you remove the data with delete option; your data may still present in the disk which can be retrieved by experts. When you use data shredder; it removes the original data and overwrites it with some random data which means nobody can retrieve it.