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Top Savvy tips for preventing internet threats


From kids to elderly people, everyone is using the internet. But still, there are large numbers of people who are not aware of internet threats. Using the internet without any kind of prevention can be pretty dangerous. Hackers and cybercriminals can steal your data, encrypt your data, and perform various other malicious tasks on your device. You should use a few safety measures while accessing the internet.


Always believe in your sixth sense

While using the internet, if you feel that the website is bogus then do not fill the signup page or click on any button. Websites which look suspicious can be malicious. Avoid using unknown websites for shopping, or making any kind of payment.


Install security software

Antivirus is like a protection wall to your device. If secure your data and network from any kind of unauthorized access. Top features provided by antivirus such as malware detection and removal, password manager, anti-theft, parental control, VPN, etc give good protection against threats.


Back up your crucial information

Keep back-up of your important data; so you don't have to face any kind of big data loss. You can keep data back-up on your cloud so you can access your data anytime from anywhere. Flash drives or external HHD are also good choices for keeping back-up data.


Use a secure network

You should always work under a secured network. People love free things, especially free Wi-Fi. Whenever they get free Wi-Fi, they quickly disable their internet data pack and connect to the hotspot. This practice is very dangerous; you may get lots of malware and other dangerous threats with the unsecured network. If you are traveling and internet data is not working then you don't have another option than using Wi-Fi. Always use secured Wi-Fi (password protected) like your hotel's Wi-Fi. Before connecting to the Wi-Fi; ask the staff member whether it is genuine or not. For adding protection to your data, always use Norton Product Key VPN in your device. This Virtual Private Network will encrypt your data and sends it via a secure channel to the server to provide security from any kind of intruding.


Use SNS securely

Today everyone is on a social networking site; everyone loves to share thoughts, pictures, and travel diaries with their friends. Due to popularity, now social media becomes an excellent place for digital marketing. But too much exposure of your personal information on social media can be dangerous. Never share information such as your phone number, home address, or bank details to any person on social media.


Use strong password

Use a unique and lengthy password for your account; never use the same password for multiple accounts. Do not password such as your last name, phone number, home address, etc; a person who knows about you can easily hack your account by guessing. You can use a password manager for creating strong passwords and storing them securely.


You can protect yourself by accessing secure websites and watching out frauds and scams.