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What is the key difference between VPN, and Firewall?

We frequently get confused between firewall and VPN. Both provide security solutions for your network but they both use various methods for preventing your network from threats. Well for finding the gap we have to learn about their attributes and functioning algorithm:


VPN or Virtual Private Network frees your online traffic and supply good security from intruders. However, your VPN doesn't provide you security from viruses and other malware. If you're downloading an infected document or accessing any malicious connection; VPN can't help you in this case. Webroot VPN not only protects your information but also produces a safe tunnel for securing your connection and exchanging data to protect against any kind of info intercepted. It also camouflages your own IP address to another location so nobody can get your exact location.

So that the question is which provides more security, Firewall or VPN?

Well, the solution is somewhat tricky. Both provide security from their means. So, it's better to use both of these. But installing only VPN and firewall will not protect you from viruses, spyware and also yet another kind of malware. You need antivirus for this job. Antivirus provides a powerful scan, anti-phishing, anti virus and several other tools for preventing malware from your device. If you use you then will receive VPN and firewall with other security features which mean just one software and complete safety. Along will safety tools it's also wise to take some preventative measures such as non-clicking on pop-ups, preventing questionable websites, utilizing the protected network can help you for preventing your device from any kind of harm.


A firewall is a pre-installed tool in your device so almost all of them are unaware of the requirement of firewall. The majority of the people use the firewall as a software tool but it also available in as hardware devices. The job of a firewall is to monitor the visitors of your system. It actively monitors all the incoming and outgoing traffic from your system. Similar to its name, the firewall creates a barrier to assess which information should enter on your device and which shouldn't. Not only this, but it also checks the outgoing data to make sure that no important data must be moved to any unauthorized person.

You may notice sometimes that when you are installing any new application in your own device, a pop-up window appears and ask consent for installing the app. You are getting these pop-ups from the firewall that's continuously protecting your gadget for the outside attack. The firewall allows certain data packets to enter on your device and blocks all of the unauthorized traffic. Firewall checks the source and destination address of the data packet for ensuring proper shipping.

However, your firewall actually can't distinguish between good packs and bad packets which mean it can not tell that packet contained reliable data or any kind of malware. But it doesn't mean that your firewall is futile. Firewall really provides excellent security from lots of unauthorized access. You already get a pre-installed firewall on your device but because of growing threats, using personal firewall is essential for better security.