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What is Trojan? Is Trojan harmful?


Trojan or Trojan horse can be referred to any object or thing which is used to mislead the people of its actual identity. In computer science, Trojan horse is a type of malicious computer program which looks genuine to the user. These Trojan horses can steal, damage, disrupt, and do many other harmful activities once enter in your device or network. It looks purely legitimate while installing and executing. After complete installation, Trojan starts working for which they are designed for. Many people have a misconception that Trojan horse is a type of virus. But Trojan is not a virus. Viruses can replicate and execute themselves but Trojan can't. Trojan can't even execute itself. A can't do anything until the user executes it. Viruses and other kinds of malware can spread other files and damage them. But Trojans are not designed for these purposes. They only perform the task they are designed for.


Types of Trojan


  • Backdoor Trojan

Backdoor Trojan is one of the most common types of Trojans. This Trojan creates a backdoor in a user's computer from where the attacker (who designed the Trojan) can access the computer. The attacker can steal your data and can access your data and accounts. Backdoor Trojans can be very dangerous to your device. You should install a good antivirus which can provide full safety from these Trojan horses. Always use a legitimate antivirus for your device. You will require Activate AVG License Number for activating your antivirus. This activated antivirus program will provide full safety from all malicious Trojan Horses around your network.


  • DDoS attack Trojan
  • This Trojan is used to create a DDoS situation on the targeted network by flooding the huge amount of traffic. This traffic comes from various infected devices.


  • Downloader Trojan
  • These Trojans target the infected computer. Then they download and install other malicious codes.


  • Ransom Trojan

This Trojan is used for asking ransom for undoing the changes or we can say damage which has done in the device such as encrypting the data, blocking the data flow, etc.


  • Remote Access Trojan

This is a very serious and harmful type of Trojan. With this Trojan, the attacker can get full control of your device remotely. With just a network connection; the attacker can spy on you. He can also steal your data and perform make many changes in your device.


  • SMS Trojan

SMS Trojans are used for sending and blocking text messages. This Trojan can be used for spamming purpose. It can also send premium-rate SMS which can get you into a huge phone bill.


  • Trojan-Banker

This Trojan is specially designed for stealing financial data. It can steal your account details, your passwords, etc. It can also perform many tasks such as online banking, bill payment, shopping, etc without your knowledge.


  • Trojan IM

This type of Trojan is used for stealing the login ids and password on Instant Messaging services. Just a simple message and your credentials are shared.


There are many more types of Trojans. Trojans are very difficult to identify. You can't identify Trojan manually. The best way for preventing these Trojans is by installing a good antivirus program in your device. Along with Trojans, AVG Antivirus Key can also secure your data from all other harmful malware.